Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slouched, much?

I've had to bump down my updates frequency. I have a lot on my plate. I'm just online quickly for the moment and I thought I'd share something. I've decided to totally overhaul a lot of things in my life as a part of my commitment for comprehensive management of my AD/HD. One thing I'm sorting out now is my posture. I've met so many AD/HDers who have bad posture. It might be evident to most readers that I have an interest in general psychology. As such, things like body language intrigue me. If you have bad posture, you may give off the impression that you have low self-esteem. That isn't surprising if you've suffered through attempting to manage a bad case of AD/HD a little later on in life as you'd have liked to. The thing is that once you get through it and life picks up, the damage might have already been done. So I've developed this game plan to sort it out.

Scoliosis is in my family (I don't know if its genetic, but there are a few people in my family who have it). I had my spine X-rayed a year or so ago and there was a slight curve. The doctor said there wasn't all that much that can be done about it. My mother, however, believes differently. And I do too (you've gotta respect your mother).

Obviously, you have to know what exercises are going to help. After a lot of googling, I discovered that most websites on correcting posture are bunk and marketing. That's fine. But it isn't all that useful. I found two useful webpages; here and here. The first webpage I believe is the most important. If the exercise is done correctly, you will temporarily achieve good posture. The exercises on the second webpage look like useful compliments to the first.

But like anything, an AD/HDer might read that, do it once, pledge to do it daily, then do it for maybe a week or so. So what I've done is get my mobile phone (its a Nokia smartphone thing), and I've gone into the Calender function. I've then gone to tomorrow's date and entered a time in the morning around about where I do morning exercises three times a week, and I've scheduled an unobtrusive alarm to remind me to do these exercises. Then what I've done is set the reminder to repeat daily until some time in 2012 (because either thats when the world will end, or I will likely have a new handset).

For the details of the reminder, I entered:

ex. 1:
1. stand w/ feet @ hip distance apart
2. imagine belly button being sucked into spine
3. extend height
4. imagine ribs being sucked into pubic bone

ex. 2
chin guide (think like a chicken)

ex. 3
mid-back thing (double king tut)

ex. 4
pelvic tilt (the thing with the butt)

That'll happen every morning. I may later on decide to replicate the entry for another time of the day. You might want to practice the exercises as the webpages describe before coming up with your own little reminder bits.

Well, I hope that was useful to someone anyway.

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  1. Very interesting topic. I haven't seen this discussed elsewhere, but in the far-back recesses of my memory, I recall researching this years ago. Seems that, in addition to the obvious emotional/psychological factors, there is also a dopamine connection to slouching posture.

    I do know that magnesium supplementation can sometimes help mild to moderate scoliosis.

    good luck with the new regimen. It all helps!